Anthony J. Avery - the artist.

Not since the days of Sir Alfred Munnings and Dame Laura Knight has a British artist captured the romanticism and mystique of the Romany way of life... until today.  Anthony's unique series of paintings depicting the day-to-day lives of Romanies are a must-see.

Anthony Avery is a modern-day impressionist who refuses to change his style to keep up with passing fashions... an artistic adventurer who meets head-on the variety and subject matter that life itself has to offer.  He paints to his personality: sometimes wild and free, and sometimes melancholic and gentle.  

A versatile and talented painter, he works in all mediums - oil, watercolour and pastel.

In his own words, Anthony J. Avery is a restless artist.  His subject matter knows no bounds: whether painting a delicate watercolour of flowers in a sun-filled room, or executing a dynamic picture of a half-naked lady living out her own private fantasy - the passion is still the same.


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