Situated on a horseshoe bend in the River Wye, Ross-on-Wye is a delightful little market town in Herefordshire, England.  Black and white beamed buildings mingle with traditional stone to create a lively vista.  Anthony J. Avery is renowned for capturing the spirit and beauty of the Wye Valley, and Ross-on-Wye in particular.Ross-on-Wye.jpg (50800 bytes)

One of England's most picturesque river scenes has been captured here in oils by Anthony. Not surprisingly, his pictures of Ross-on-Wye are eagerly bought up by locals and visitors alike.



MarketPlace-2.jpg (97851 bytes)

In and around the historic marketplace building, a bustling market is held on Thursdays and Saturdays - as captured here in watercolours.


The two painted scenes above may be viewed at a larger size, along with details of their prices, by clicking on the pictures.

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